Development and Consulting

Web and Mobile

It requires a diverse range of development skills to ensure the best deliverable product. Camido’s services include custom software development, web development, mobile app development, and e-commerce development.

We are a full-stack app development agency. We can evolve a project, right from concept, and turn it into a full-blown application. We build secure APIs, Web frontends, and native apps in Android, iOS. We can implement the project backend in a secure cloud setup that meets all standards. Not just that, we will also future proof them, make it easier to grow, and scale-up.

On our 20 year-long journey, we did not only focus on building new web apps or e-commerce sites but we also leveraged our expertise in web technologies to modernize and migrate internal enterprise applications, achieving faster feature development, higher quality, better usability, lower maintenance needs, as well as reducing operational running costs.


We provide first-class Blockchain services and Blockchain training. Our dedicated team composed of Blockchain Consultants and knowledgeable Blockchain Developers, offers comprehensible solutions in blockchain technology services. Base Tech Solution supports businesses from creation, through development, all the way to production and implementation. We help our clients to understand the technology and make well thought out decision to fully integrate the Blockchain technology into their business.